How to build a stronger relationship with your body in 2018.

This is the year we will learn to tell ourselves "I love you" in the mirror.


This New Year, focus on building a better relationship with your body. Resolutions often involve going to the gym more often, cutting out the junk food, or gaining muscles, but it's important to also work on having a healthy mindset and perception of our body.

But, how?


1.     Affirmations.

Every morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself what you love most about your body. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, strong, and confident. This may be a little tricky or even awkward at first, so you could also start by writing positive words on a post it and stick it on your mirror. Boosting your confidence in the morning will set the tone for the rest of your day.


2.     Surround yourself with uplifting people.

Spend more time with people who make you feel good about who you are inside and out. Social media has a very big impact on the way we feel about ourselves, which is why you should unfollow all those accounts that make you think negatively about your appearance. Instead, follow accounts that want to help you learn to love your body the way it is.


Here are a few local Instagram accounts to follow!




And a few other body positive influencers to follow on Instagram!






3.     Do more of what you love. 

Get lost in your favourite activities, like dance class, karaoke nights, or going hiking. Forget about the little things you don’t like about your body and focus on the amazing things your body can guide you to do in your life. Happiness easily converts to confidence. So make sure to include more of what you love in your everyday routines. 


4.     Express yourself.

Express yourself through fashion, photography, writing... the outlets are endless. Wear what you feel confident in no matter what society tells you you should wear. Document your thoughts throughout your journey using photos and by writing in a personal journal. Write assertive and positive words to yourself for the days you when you need that little extra support.



5. Give your body some love.

This year, have a #SelfLoveDay where you take a bubble bath, eat your favourite food without regret, make a vlog of your day, light your favourite candles, share an accomplishment, or have a dance party in your room. Your body is the only one you'll ever have, so take good care of it!


6. Register for the ConfiDance Workshop.

Another great way to boost your body positivity is to participate in local body wellness activities. Register for a hip hop dance workshop that focuses on body image and self love. Sign up for your session here

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Natasha Rey